Vision and Mission


  • To satisfy the information needs of the users of all age groups by providing effective library services.
  • To digitize and preserve old and rare books.
  • To provide Library facilities in every village,where the population is more than 1000.
  •  To provide good infrastructure facilities in libraries.
  •  To provide quality reading materials viz. books and periodical in the libraries.
  • To install modern techniques in libraries to enhance library services.


  • The following objectives which relate to information, literacy, education and culture should be at the core of public library services.
  • Creating and strengthening reading habits  among children at an early age.  Supporting both individual self learning and formal education at all levels.
  • Providing opportunities for personal creative development.
  • Stimulating the imagination and creativity of children and young people.
  • Promoting awareness of cultural heritage, appreciation of arts, scientific achievements and innovations.
  •  Facilitating the development of performing arts.
  • Supporting and participating in literacy activities and programmes for all age groups.